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Know More About Tailor Made Suits and Fully Bespoke Suits

So you are within the marketplace for a new men’s suit? Well, there are three important options for you to consider. Each choice has its pros and cons, but ultimately one option clearly over when all issues are said and carried out.

If you're like most males, you have most likely only ever purchased your men’s suit from a nearby retail shop. This is called buying “off-the-rack.”This is what the average man does. Nevertheless, when it comes to the all-important fit, buying off-the-rack is most likely the worst of all of your options.

In short, you have three options (and you might not have even heard from the last two):

1. Off-the-rack Suits

2. Custom Tailored Suits

3. Fully Bespoke Suits

Off-the-rack men’s suits

Off-the-rack suits are what you purchase whenever you walk into your nearest retail men’s store like David Jones or Myer (in Australia). Off-the-rack suits use a “standard sizing” that is a compromised one-size-fits-all method to suiting which uses only chest size and jacket length to figure out your “ideal” fit.

Nevertheless, this sort of standard sizing neglects numerous from the critical elements of great fit. For instance, what about length of the sleeves? What about the upper sleeve arm and trouser circumferences? What about the crotch length? What about your posture and also the shape of your shoulders? The list goes on...

Your physique is a distinctive shape and size and even if you think off-the-rack sizing is ok for you, there will usually be one region of fit that's not quite right. Consequently, inevitably buying off-the-rack indicates you'll have to fuss around and spend for costly alterations. It is not unheard of for somebody to buy a suit from a retail men’s store for $800 or more only to have to invest an additional $200 to alter the sleeves, trouser length and jacket chest to get the suit fitting them right.

An additional problem with off-the-rack suits is the fact that it’s nearly impossible to locate something in both the colour and style which you like - and also inside your correct size. This indicates you're frequently left to “shop around” until you're ultimately worn out or forced to compromise after dealing with pushy sales individuals.

The benefits of purchasing off-the-rack suits are that you get to see precisely what you are buying and there is also a local shop to go to in the event you need following sales assistance. Don’t forget you may also grab a bargain throughout the sales!

Tailor Made Suits and Totally Bespoke Suits

Unlike off-the-rack suits, both tailor made suits and totally bespoke suits are uniquely made for your precise body measurements and style preferences by expert tailors. As custom tailored and fully bespoke suits are made to measure suits, they'll fit you perfectly.

This indicates you do not have to waste time shopping around attempting on scores of jackets and trousers to locate ones the fit you “well.” Furthermore, as you can also design the suit the way you like and select the fabric(frequently from 100’s of swatches), custom tailored and totally bespoke suits represent extremely convenient methods for you to purchase your subsequent suit, particularly if you’re like most males and despise shopping.


The major difference in between custom tailored and fully bespoke suits is that with bespoke you’ll get manage over every tiny design detail of one's suit and you'll also get many more fitting sessions. Additionally, bespoke suits are generally made locally.

Nevertheless, all this attention does come at a cost. For these factors fully bespoke suits are on the expensive side, often costing well over $3,000. But in the event you can afford it, it is one of life’s excellent luxuries. Great high quality >]tailor made suits can be discovered in the in the range of $600 to $1,200 (depending on fabric high quality) with exceptional quality custom suits priced more than $1,500.

To compare, presently a good quality off-the-rack company suit is or blazer is concerning the same cost as a custom tailored suit (in the range of $600 - $1,200 for suits and $400 - $700 for blazers). It all depends upon the fabric and construction quality and you will usually get what you spend for. Custom tailored dinner suits, tuxedos and evening jackets will usually price a bit much more because of the additional complexity in their design. And if you’re thinking about a custom wedding suit… well this can be as extravagant (and expensive) as you like!

For more info about totally bespoke tailoring go to the “Savile Row Bespoke Association”. This association exists to preserve tradition and maintain the minimum requirements for a garment to be allowed to make use of the “Savile Row” trademark, or in other words, they define the rules of totally bespoke tailoring.


Concerning the only downside to custom tailored suits and bespoke suits are that as they're individually hand crafted for you, they generally take three to 4 weeks to manufacture. But if time is not an issue, it is well worth the wait.

Is custom tailoring the very best general option? You be the judge.

All issues considered, custom tailoring is probably perfect.

Why? Importantly, it offers most of the benefits of totally bespoke suiting (like being made to your precise physique measurements and style requirements meaning there’s no have to “shop around”). Custom tailoring also comes with a much more affordable cost tag as there's generally only one fitting and much less styling options available - although having 10 to 20 styling choices is usually sufficient for most gents!

The reduced quantity of fittings with the custom tailored choice also reduces the quantity of time taken for you to obtain your suit (when compared with bespoke suiting).

Overall, custom tailored suits represent the lowest effort, greatest worth for money, and also the greatest finish result. With a price that's on par with good high quality off-the-rack suits, you will get a perfectly fitting suit each and every time that's styled the way you want at an excellent cost - a winning mixture.

Final word

Therefore, if you want to obtain a men’s suit that fits you perfectly, it's actually fairly simple. Find a great nearby tailor that offers a custom tailored suiting service and you are on your method to looking and feeling a million dollars.

Note: Costs in this Article are stated in $AUD at January 1 2012.

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